Welcome to River Crest Farm

River Crest Farm is a family-run farm in Milford, Connecticut.

We're currently accepting members for our 2018 CSA!
Check out our CSA info page for details on how to reserve your spot and how our CSA program works.

To reserve your share in our 2018 CSA, you can send us a deposit check for $100 to River Crest Farm, 534 Oronoque Road, Milford CT 06461. The balance of $400 can be paid any time before March 31.

If you want to stop by and see the farm in real life (we recommend it!), we will be open every day AFTER Thanksgiving for Christmas trees, wreaths, etc., from 9 till 4ish. We quit when it gets dark.


Member of:

534 Oronoque Road, Milford, CT 06461

email: rivercrestfarm@gmail.com

phone: 203.876.9786

Facebook: www.facebook.com/RiverCrestFarmLLC

Instagram: @rivercrestfarmer